Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak Review



# of Individuals


Weight Capacity

250 lbs

Kayak Weight

44 lbs

Activity Type


If you seek a relaxing and hassle free day of fishing and paddling, then the Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak is right up your alley. It is a single person fishing kayak that offers good quality and performance without a large price tag. This kayak is a solid option for any fishermen looking for a well designed, hard shell fishing kayak on a budget. From beginners to more experienced fishermen, it has enough thoughtful features and storage space to satisfy any level of fishermen.


The Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak is a single person, hard shell kayak. Its open, sit-on-top design makes it easy move around in and get in and out of, even when on the water.

Durable Material

This fishing kayak is made of a strong material: polyethylene. This thick, durable plastic ensures that your fishing kayak will withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors for years to come.


The Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak is ten feet long by thirty inches wide. At only 44 pounds, at least according to the manufacturer’s website, it is one of the more lightweight, hard shell options on the market. Having a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, it can easily support both you and your fishing gear.

Added Fishing Features

This kayak has many added fishing features that make fishing and multi-tasking easy. It has two flush mounted rod holders, as well as one swivel rod holder. These rod holders are well placed on the boat and do not get in the way while you paddle. The Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak also has a paddle holder that keeps the paddle secure and out of your way, so you need not worry about losing your paddle in the water as you fish. Lastly, this kayak also has shock cord deck rigging to provide easily accessible storage for your fishing gear.


Convenience and Comfort

The Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak was designed with practicality and comfort in mind. It has retractable carrying handles that make transporting the kayak easy. In addition to these handles, transportation is also made efficient due to this kayak’s surprisingly light weight. It is only 44 pounds, which for a hard shell kayak can be considered light. This makes it easy to transport and carry on your own, especially when lifting it on and off your car racks.

In addition to its convenient features, the Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak is comfortable; it has thigh pads to ensure you are at ease as you kayak and fish. It also has adjustable foot braces to provide comfort and accommodate a variety of heights.

Storage Space

The Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak comes with a good amount of storage space, which is a must-have in any fishing kayak. It has space for a tackle box and three fishing rods. It also has shock cord rigging for additional equipment, as well as a small waterproof storage compartment to keep your keys or electronics dry.


Limited Leg Room

Despite the adjustable foot rests, there is not a lot of leg room in the Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak. Hence, this kayak is a snug fit for taller people, so if you are six foot or above, you may want to consider a larger option that offers more legroom, such as the twelve foot version of this fishing kayak.

Rotates When Stagnant

Another odd downfall of the Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak is its tendency to turn or rotate when you are still on the water. This is very annoying as you are fishing, and makes it harder to stay still in excluded, prime fishing spots.

Relatively Poor Stability

Though it was well designed when it comes to durability and convenience, the same cannot be said for stability. It can be wobbly at times, which is especially hindersome as you fish and need to move around the kayak to access gear. However, this is an issue you can overcome with practice; it just takes some time and patience to get used to the kayak and learn how to balance it.

In my experience, it is all about learning good body distribution. So if you have some experience with kayaking, this issue will be manageable. However, if you are new to kayaking and are not the most agile person, you may want to look in a different direction for your first kayak.


The Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak is a decent option for anyone looking for a lightweight, quality, hard shell fishing kayak. It functions well when paddling and fishing on lakes, slow rivers, and streams. Though it may take some time to get a handle on balancing this kayak, it provides a variety of useful features that make your fishing and kayaking experience comfortable and enjoyable. If you are looking for a way to connect with the water and catch some fish without breaking the bank, the Sun Dolphin Journey Ten Foot Fishing Kayak should definitely be on your list.

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