Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak Review



# of Individuals


Weight Capacity

650 lbs

Kayak Weight

32 lbs

Activity Type

Recreational / Whitewater

The Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak is a family friendly, tandem, inflatable kayak perfect for a day of fun on the water with the children. It is made of PolyKrylar, a sturdy, reliable material. It gives you good quality for the dollar and is worth the money you spend on it.

The manufacturer claims it can withstand the strong rapids of a class three white water river. I do not doubt that the material could sustain the wear and tear of such rivers due to the quality material and construction.


Along with the many built in features, the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak comes with paddles, and inflatable spray skirt, manual air pump, repair kit, and a pressure gauge. You are given almost everything you need to be ready for a fun day out on the water; just don’t forget to pick up a personal flotation device of sorts.


According to the manufacturer’s website, the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak is twelve feet, six inches long and thirty-four inches wide. It has a weight capacity of 650 pounds, having enough strength to hold two passangers and gear.

Five I Beam Construction

The boat is well supported by five inflatable I beams running along the bottom of the boat. It is rare to see so many I beams on one inflatable kayak, but the extra support pays off. Such constructional design ensures the weight of the passengers is put on the bottom of the boat, rather than sides. This provides great stability and improves the tracking and speed of the kayak.

Grab Line

There are grab lines on either side of the kayak. This safety feature is important for overboard passengers to stay with the boat in moving waters.

Built In Skegs

There are two skegs built onto the bottom of the kayak. In addition to improving speed, these skegs help you to track in a straight line and maneuver well while kayaking. Because inflatable kayaks are notoriously slower than hard shelled kayaks, the additional features the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak has to improve speed are a big plus in my book. More speed on the lake means more fun and excitement.


Durable Material and Sturdy Construction

From the first time you use the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak, you can tell the manufacturer paid close attention to the quality of the material and construction. The hull’s material is salt water resistant. This kayak also has high frequency welded seams to ensure that it can take the wear and tear of the outdoors. I was even able to bring my dog on the kayak with me without worrying about his claws puncturing it: the material was that strong. It is a well manufactured product and I feel stable and safe on the water.

Self Bailing

This inflatable kayak is self bailing: a feature I do not see enough of. It has a drain valve so that way you do not even have to think about your kayak filling up with water.

Secure and Well Sealed Valves

The valves on this kayak are secure and well sealed. With some inflatable kayaks, air can be lost along your journey if the valves have a poor seal, causing the kayak to become less bouncy and sturdy. This kayak does not lose air over time and you can be assured it will stay well inflated throughout your journey.


Long Assembly Time

The Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak is a bit tricky to assemble because of the multiple areas and beams you have to inflate. Yet once you familiarize yourself with the instructions and process, you can cut down on the set up time. The manufacturer estimates that the kayak can be set up in about 8 minutes.

Uncomfortable Seats

One disappointing downside to the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak are the seats. They are uncomfortable and, unlike the rest of the kayak, feel unstable. Comfort is not a category this boat excels in. However, the seats are raised so that you do not have to sit in any leftover water that was not drained out of the bottom of the kayak.


I am not too thrilled with the aesthetic design of this kayak. It looks bland and dated. The white material overtime becomes visibly stained with the mud and gook of the outdoors. Its dull coloring is not only unexciting, but disregards safety. With such design, it can blend in easily with the water and be hard to see from a distance. Not being able to be seen by larger boats could present a dangerous situation.

Does Not Take Well to Strong Currents

Like most inflatable kayaks, the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak does not do well with strong currents. It is very hard to battle against big currents in this kayak. When I do encounter opposing currents, I often find myself spinning in circles. There is just not enough weight to put up a good fight. This downfall makes me skeptical and nervous to take this kayak on the whitewater rapids, despite the kayak being rated to be suitable for class 3 whitewater kayaking.


Overall, the Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak is a quality, well constructed and designed kayak. Being of such good quality, it is likely to last you a long time. It is not a particularly easy kayak to relax in due to its uncomfortable seats, but is suited better for lively fun on the water. This is just the type of kayak meant for a family who is looking for some fun bonding time in the great outdoors. I see it being the perfect purchase for a lake house or even a summer camp.

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