Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak Review



# of Individuals

Up to 3

Weight Capacity

375 lbs

Kayak Weight

57 lbs

Activity Type


The Malibu Two Ocean Kayak is a sit-on-top, hard shell recreational kayak that performs excellently in more than just ocean waters. Its quality design and durable materials make it perfect for a day of recreational kayaking on any type of calm water, including lakes, ponds, and slow rivers. It is the perfect investment for any family looking to have some casual fun on the water. Though it has two padded seats, there is room for a third on this spacious kayak, so you can bring a child or your furry friend along on your kayaking journey. This family friendly recreational kayak will provide you the quality and stability needed for an enjoyable day on the water.


Quality Material

The Malibu Two Ocean Kayak is made of polyethylene: a strong, durable plastic. This plastic can withstand bumps and scrapes without cracking. Such quality material, if taken care of, makes sure you will get years of enjoyment out of your investment.

Three Seating Positions

There are three different seating positions where the two padded seats can be secured. Whichever seat well is not occupied by a seat can hold another small passenger, such as a child or dog, or any additional gear you may have. Hence, it is a good option for a small family to consider.

Gear Straps

There are gear straps to secure your gear as you kayak. Since it is an open, sit-on top style kayak, it is important to secure your equipment to prevent losing any of it in the water.

Carrying Handles

Since the Malibu Two Ocean Kayak is a hard shell kayak made of a durable plastic, it is heavy - weighing 57 lbs. The carrying handles make it easier to transport and move in and out of the water.


According to the manufacturer, the Malibu Two Ocean Kayak is twelve feet long by thirty four inches wide. Having a maximum capacity of 375 pounds, it can support a party of 3 well.

Skid Plate Cover

The Malibu Two Ocean Kayak comes with a skid plate cover, which protects the keel of the kayak. The keel is one part of the kayak that experiences the most wear and tear as it gets dragged along the shore. The skid plate will help protect the plastic keel, prolonging its durability and your kayak’s overall life span.



The Malibu Two Ocean Kayak is a comfortable kayak, ensuring that your experience on the water is a relaxing and enjoyable one. The two rearrangeable seats are made of a comfortable foam material and have padded back rests. There is plenty of legroom, as well as overlapping foot wells that support any leg length. So short or tall, you will have enough room to lay back and stretch out on the water.


The Malibu Two Ocean Kayak comes in three brightly colored designs: gradient sunrise, yellow, and gradient green. Not only are these colors beautiful and lively, but they also provide safety out on the water. Having such a brightly colored kayak ensures you don’t blend in with the water and can be seen at a distance by larger sail and motor boats, which will help avoid collisions.

Maneuverability and Stability

This kayak is very stable and maneuvers and track well, making paddling easy. It has a self-bailing cock pit, which provides stability and prevents the kayak from getting waterlogged. Because of such support, as well as the open design, it is easy to get in and out of on the water: so you can take a dip while out on the lake.


No Storage Compartments

One thing to look for when buying a kayak is some sort of waterproof storage for electronics and keys. Though there are gears straps, there are no storage containers, so you will not be able to take much equipment out onto the water with you. Any gear that you do take, such as towels or cameras, are at risk of getting wet.


Because the Malibu Two Ocean Kayak is a hard shell kayak made of a thick plastic material, and is of large size, it is heavy. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it does present some problems you will need to work out.

Firstly, unless you are very strong, it is nearly impossible to pick up on your own. Hence it is fit for partners or families; the more manpower the better. Secondly, it means you will need some sturdy, quality car racks, which means more money.


If you are looking for a multi-passenger kayak to do some recreational kayaking in, the Malibu Two Ocean Kayak is a great option to consider. Because of its size and many seating options, it is perfect for families. It is stable and easy to maneuver, making it a good option for those of you who are new to kayaking. Whether it is lakes, calm rivers, or oceans that you are interested in, this versatile kayak is a great fit for any type of water. All in all, the Malibu Two Ocean Kayak combines many of the important qualities of a good kayak: quality, stability, and comfortability.

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